Skid Construction

Smink Group builds turnkey modular systems (skid-mounted equipment). These systems are subjected to a comprehensive Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) in our own workshop. We make sure that the skid module operates in accordance with the design parameters. Then we connect the skid module and it is ready for use.

Modular skid-mounted units

Modular skid-mounted units offer significant benefits: short changeover times and minimal modification of the production systems used in sectors such as the pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries. Smink Group collaborates with Actemium to build turnkey systems for the High Purity sector. We handle all the aspects involved: mechanical and electrical engineering, instrumentation and automation. This collaboration minimises the extra workload for customers. Actemium handles the EI&A aspects and Smink Group is responsible for the mechanical engineering, which includes tanks, pumps, heat exchangers, flow sensors, fittings and sampling points, etc.

Skid assemblies and high purity skid construction

Skid modules can be used for the production of Purified Water (PW), Water For Injection (WFI), Clean Steam (CS) and other high purity liquids. Skid-mounted systems can be used in the pharmaceutical, food, life science and biotech sectors to produce medicines, human injection fluids, food supplements for the vulnerable and vitamins. The chemical industry is another area where skid-mounted systems are increasingly being used to produce raw materials for biopolymers (polymers found naturally in the body) for pharmaceutical purposes.

Project Structure

We like to be involved in a customer’s project from the initial stage. This gives us the opportunity of providing advice in the following phases: User Requirement Spec, Conceptional Design, Basis Design, Detailed Design, Construction (mechanical engineering + electrical engineering, instrumentation and automation), Qualification (IQ, OQ, PQ), Validation and Service & Training.

Advise, Design, Build, Maintain

Due to a shortage of in-house project/process engineers, there has been a significant loss of expertise in the industry. Customers increasingly need specific advice. Advice that Smink Group provides. The customer tells us what the needs are in production. Armed with that information, we produce a design in close consultation with the customer and operate a continuous feedback loop with the customer up to and including the IQ/OQ stage. This is how we manage the process for producing plant and systems, from the enquiry stage to final delivery and handover. 

Request no-obligations advice

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