High-quality process equipment for the pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology

The process plant and equipment used for the production methods in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries have to meet the highest standards. These industries have to comply with the GMP guidelines and FDA requirements. Smink Group produces a reliable system that is delivered in fully documented form. Regardless of the size and scope of the project. We handle the entire process from the initial feasibility study up to and including the final PQ for the plant. Our added value lies in our extensive experience (more than 30 years). Our engineers know the industry, proactively discuss the task with the customer and draw up the specification documents together. Having defined the parameters, we progress to the production stage in order to achieve the desired deadline and quality.

Compliance with legal requirements

The IQ, OQ and PQ are important protocols whose purpose is to ensure that the delivered system complies with legal requirements. The IQ (Installation Qualification) check assesses whether the equipment has been built according to the blueprints. As soon as the equipment has been installed, the OQ (Operational Qualification) check is used to confirm the equipment’s operating processes. Finally, the PQ (Performance Qualification) check determines whether the equipment is suitable for the task for which it was purchased. Smink Group is certified in accordance with the ISO 9001 quality standard and the SCC** safety standard.