Our highly qualified employees (most are fully trained International Welding Practitioners, IWPs) possess valid welding certificates and have an SCC certificate. Our engineers design systems and work in accordance with PED, ASME and HACCP/EHEDG regulations and guidelines. Smink Group is certified in accordance with the ISO 9001 quality standard and the SCC** safety standard.


As a ‘contract manufacturing partner’, Smink Group focuses on performing well on four fronts – QLTC, i.e. Quality, Logistics, Technology and Costs – in order to guarantee good quality. We use our competencies and knowledge to add value to our customers’ activities during all the product life cycle phases.

Quality management system

The requirements of these standards are incorporated in our Quality Management System (QMS), which focuses on three key processes (primary, management and supporting). Working conditions, safety and the environment are all essential elements of our quality policy.

Zero defects

Our processes focus on achieving zero defects, preventing waste, and continuous improvement. The products are built by certified employees using CE-certified tools. Our goal is to ensure customer satisfaction, optimise functionality and reduce costs.

FMEA method

Before we accept an assignment, we run through a checklist to assess it from several different perspectives; e.g. feasibility of manufacture, capacity and the results of a risk analysis (FMEA method).

We are critical when it comes to our suppliers. All nonconformities found at the customer’s site, at a supplier’s site or internally are recorded in our nonconformity management system. Each nonconformity is assessed to determine whether or not it is critical. Based on the outcome of this assessment, we decide immediately whether (preventive) action needs to be taken and investigate the cause. This process is monitored by the Quality Manager and reported to the MT on a monthly basis.