Passion for the job

Designing, producing and installing High Purity Systems is a job for experts. It requires precision, analysis and technical skills. The specialists at Smink Group are all highly qualified professionals, who have the appropriate diplomas and certificates. Even more importantly; they also have a passion for orbital welding.

Our work contributes directly and indirectly to human health and safety, and protecting the environment. That requires a strong sense of responsibility and social engagement. 

We encourage our people to develop their talents and invest heavily in advanced training. We challenge them to come up with innovative solutions that make their work even more efficient while still protecting the environment. Experienced workers transfer their knowledge to the next generation in a dynamic and active collaboration. This is crucial to achieving our goals.  

Our core competencies

  • Passion for orbital welding
  • Contributing to better, safer and more efficient products and processes
  • Full-service package from design to execution
  • Competitive prices
  • High purity process and high quality
  • In-house cleanroom
  • Skid construction
  • CIP and SIP systems
  • Highly qualified employees 
  • Personal touch and problem-solving approach