Orbital welding

Smink Group uses orbital welding to build process plant and piping systems. Components can be prefabricated in our workshop, or produced in on-site conditions at the customer’s location. We weld systems in a diameter range from 1/8” to 6” inclusive with a closed weld head. All in accordance with the defined specifications.

Orbital welding for the pharmaceutical industry

In the pharmaceutical industry, extremely high requirements apply in respect of production process reliability and hygiene. The growth of bacteria must be completely ruled out. We eliminate the possibility of contamination through orbital welding and the use of aseptic design principles. Our orbitally welded piping systems are documented in an “as-built” file and delivered in a form that offers maximum assurance.

Clean Utilities

Purity is an indispensable requirement for piping systems used to produce Purified Water (PW), Water For Injection (WFI), Clean Steam (CS) and Clean Compressed Air (CCA), and in piping for CIP (Cleaning In Place) and SIP (Sterilisation In Place) systems. These clean utilities are an indispensable requirement for production processes in the pharmaceutical, life science, biotech and high-end food sectors. They are used in water treatment systems and for producing a variety of products such as injection fluids, vitamins, enzymes, food supplements and ingredients (baby food). In addition to manufacturing complete new turnkey systems, we also modify and upgrade existing systems operated by our customers.

Infrastructure for High Purity gases

We install gas distribution systems at customer sites for transporting gases of the highest purity. Piping systems for gases such as clean nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen or helium. We like to be involved in a project at the earliest possible stage. This ensures that we can accommodate the customer’s requirements as optimally as possible based on the URS (User Requirement Specification) and the FDS (Functional Design Specification).

Orbital welding under cleanroom conditions

Smink Group has a calibrated cleanroom measuring 500m2. This cleanroom is ISO 6 (1000ppm) certified and used to make products in accordance with ISO 7. This is where we produce orbitally welded assemblies (generally referred to as ‘weld assys’), high-quality gas panels and vacuum components under cleanroom conditions. The components and assemblies are also tested for the presence of particles and total organic carbon (TOC) under cleanroom conditions and then cleaned and packaged for applications in the semiconductor, solar, mechatronics and other industries.

Endoscopic inspection of orbital welds

In the high purity segment of the process industry, piping systems are endoscopically inspected to ensure adequate weld quality. Smink Group employs certified welding inspectors for this task. If required, we can also involve an independent party to inspect the welds to make sure that they meet the specified criteria and welding standards.

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