From design to validation

Designing, producing/assembling and installing High Purity systems or solutions is specialist work. Smink Group has been active in this area since 1987 and delivers high-quality products, in both prefabricated form and assembled on site. We have a fully equipped workshop for specialist welding and multiple cleanrooms for assembly in 2 different locations. All our employees are professionally qualified and have the diplomas and certificates required for their work. They are experts in their disciplines and know your industry. We handle all aspects of a project, from the initial feasibility study to final delivery and handover. Our commitment is unwavering, the lines of communication are short and we deliver on commitment.

In-house workshop for prefabricated assemblies

Fast, flexible and above all efficient prefabrication is key to minimising the installation time on site. We build prefab piping systems, skid-mounted equipment and modules to a just-in-time schedule in our in-house workshop. Anything is possible, ranging from welding work to complete projects, including a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT). Our workshop is extremely well-equipped and even includes a pickling and passivation section and an ultrasonic bath. Products can be electro polished (EP) to a surface roughness (RA) of just 0.4 micron. We also design and produce a wide range of skids for WFI, HPW, PW and CIP/SIP systems in our workshop.

Validation programme

Each process is associated with a suitable validation programme. This ensures that the equipment we supply is completely safe, clean and operational. Various techniques are used for this.


We have over 800m2 of cleanroom capacity in our 2 production locations in Veghel and Kerkrade, the Netherlands. Smink Group has a calibrated cleanroom measuring 500m2. This cleanroom is ISO6 (1000ppm) certified and used to make products in accordance with ISO7. This is where we produce orbitally welded assemblies (generally referred to as ‘weld assys’), high-quality gas panels and vacuum components under cleanroom conditions. The components and assemblies are also tested for the presence of particles and total organic carbon (TOC) under cleanroom conditions and then cleaned and packaged for applications in the semiconductor, solar, mechatronics and other industries.

On-site assembly

We are also extremely experienced in working on site. For example, we skilfully install pipework, and handle project and construction management. Our specialised people ensure that the complete system (including pumps, shut-off valves, control valves and other fittings and components) is correctly mounted and installed.

Custom-made products

We can supply custom-made frames and sheet metalwork for any product across a broad spectrum of industries. We ensure seamless integration with existing systems. We carry out checks, tests and perform trial runs prior to connection in the production zones. Installation Qualification (IQ) and Operational Qualification (OQ) take place under optimal conditions up to the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT). The result for the customer is a proven and documented operational system.


Smink Group is certified in accordance with the ISO 9001 quality standard and the SCC** safety standard. All technical employees have an SCC diploma and the appropriate welding certificates.

Our products and services

  • Basic and detail engineering
  • Tanks for storage and preparation
  • Bioreactors
  • Process control in collaboration with preferred partners
  • Complete skid-mounted process systems (modular construction)
  • Certified pipework, orbitally welded and fully documented
  • Extremely high-quality pipework for PW (Purified Water), WFI (Water for Injection) and CS (Clean Steam)
  • Skid Construction
  • Endoscopic inspection
  • Welding under cleanroom conditions
  • Helium leak tests and N2 pressure drop tests
  • Cleanroom cleaning and packaging

CNC pipe bending capabilities

Our highly accurate CNC bending machine bends pipes under clean room conditions. To achieve the necessary quality, the bent pipes are measured using a Faro measurement arm and adjusted with the help of advanced software. We can bend to within a range of 1/8” to 1”. Diameters outside of this range can be bent at our pipe bending partners.

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