High purity. Our passion.

We are the engine that accelerates the growth of our customers. 

Smink Group develops and produces high purity solutions and applications for customers in the high-tech industry in which specialist welding techniques, such as orbital welding, are an essential part.

Perfection is our promise

The Smink Group is the company for High Purity solutions and applications. 

Our customers operate at the frontier of manufacturability. Their products and services help to shape a better society. We are fully aware of this role and are inspired by it. Our specialists are passionate about their work and enjoy the challenge of meeting customers’ requirements. By continuously improving our performance and focusing on innovation, we are recognized by our key customers as strategic partners. By carefully selecting and cooperating with our supply base to support the growth of our business, we keep our focus on quality and cleanliness standards. We play our role in facilitating the whole supply chain to work together to contribute to the gobal prosperity.

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Involvement (at an early stage)

High-end industry is increasingly focused on achieving a high degree of purity, with this and leak-tightness being the main priorities. This is necessary for better process control, sustainable production, greater food safety and reduced risk. Smink Group is at the forefront of these developments. We work efficiently, safely, innovatively and competitively and set the highest standards for our workshop and products.

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