About Smink Group

Smink Group ensures optimal control of high purity liquids and gases. High purity process plant and orbital welding are our speciality.

Smink Group has developed, produced, supplied and installed high-quality process plant, skid-mounted systems and equipment for transporting high purity gases, Clean Steam liquids, Purified Water or powders for more than 30 years. We are active in the High Purity segment where orbital welding (a welding technique used for high-quality pipe joints) is an indispensable requirement.

One-Stop Shop

We have everything under one roof. Ranging from a well-equipped workshop to a 500m2 cleanroom. We operate out of our workshop to assemble components based on a ‘just-in-time’ schedule to produce prefab items. And we also have extensive experience with building systems on site.  With our trained eye for quality, we create complete, skid-mounted products that meet the specific requirements of our customer. We handle all aspects of a project, from the initial feasibility study to final delivery and handover. Our commitment is unwavering, the lines of communication are short and a deal is a deal. 

Driven and innovative teamwork

Not only do we enjoy the challenge of satisfying our customers’ requirements, we continuously strive to achieve even higher levels of performance. We set the highest standards for our workshop, products and people. They work with passion for the job and maximum customer focus. As a team, we work continuously to develop better, efficient, environmentally friendly and innovative orbital welding solutions, high-quality process plant and skid-mounted systems.

Contributing to a safe and healthy society

Our products and services support the manufacturing processes for high-quality items, ranging from basic necessities of life such as food and medicine to technically sophisticated, luxury products. So our activities help shape a better, safe society. We are fully aware of this role. And we are proud of our contribution. Sustainability and the environment are also high on our list of priorities. Our customers see us as a reliable, efficient and innovative partner. We are all working together to create a sustainable society where safety and health come first.

Smink Group is a member of UNETO VNI, the industry association for technical installers and retailers of electrical goods and equipment.